BBC Short Vowel Sounds Video Lessons Cut vs. Cat

Free ESL Short Vowels lesson as in - Cut and Cat

Video Lesson guide.
In this video you are going to learn the pronunciation of Single Vowel Sounds. Click PLAY on the video below.
How to study with the video
Click play to begin. Listen and repeat what you hear. Follow the videos closely. Repeat video for clarity.
Vocabulary: Assorted vocabulary that matches the sounds.
Focus:Practice Single Vowels as in - Cut vs. Cat.
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Vocabulary Games for Beginners/Elementary

Listening Memory Games


Kids& Beginner Course Lessons - Lessons by courses

Course 1 Lessons

Unit  intro – Alphabet & Phonics Resources. 

Aim: Teach letters of the alphabet

Unit   1 – Greetings - Hello

Aim: Teach basic greetings – Hello, Hi, Goodbye.

Unit   2 – What’s your name?

Aim: To teach kids how to say their names.

Unit   3 – How old are you?

Aim: Teach kids how to say their age and  learn numbers 1 to 5.

Unit   4 – Numbers – How many?

Aim: Teach kids how to count from 1 to 10.

Unit   5 A – Colours – What colour is it?

Aim: Teach kids how to describe things through colours.

Unit 5 B - Colours Vocabulary

    Aim: Teach colours vocabulary

Unit 5 C - Green Monster Colours Lesson

    Aim: Teach colours through a colours songs

Unit   6 – Fruits – I like apples.

Aim: Teach kids names of fruits and how to express likes.

Unit  7 – Body – I have a head.

Aim: Teach kids parts of the body.

Unit  8–  Actions  – I can, I can’t.

Aim: Teach kids how to express ability using simple action verbs.

Course 2 Lessons

Unit  1 – Animals – Farms Animals. 

Aim: Teach students how to express preference by using vocabulary related to farm animals.

Unit   2 – Family Members

Aim: Teach words and expressions used when describing family.

Unit  3 – School bag

Aim: To teach words and expressions related to classroom items.

Unit   4 – Actions – Can and Can’t  

Aim: Teach action verbs

Unit   5 – Shapes & Sizes

Aim: Teach various shapes and adjectives to describe size.

Unit   6 – Demonstrative Pronouns – This/That/These/Those

Aim: Teach  singular and plurals of nouns and demonstrative pronouns.

Unit   7 – Numbers – 10 to 100

Aim: Teach numbers 10 to 100 and pronunciation differences between long and short vowels.

Unit  8 – Toys – Where is it?

Aim: Teach  words and expressions related to toys and to ask where things are.

Unit  9 –  Days of the week and weekly activities

Aim: Teach days of the week and some things we do weekly.

Unit 10 -   Weather – What’s the weather like?

Aim: Teach students how to ask about the weather and describe it.

Unit 11 -   Food – What do you want to eat

Aim: Teach students about the things we eat and express want

Course 3 Lessons

Unit  1 – Pets : Why do you like dogs?

Aim: Teach  names of pets and give a brief description of pets using personality adjectives.

Unit   2a – Time – What time is it?

Aim: Teach students how to tell the time and also how to talk about daily routines.

Unit   2b – Time – What time is it?

Aim: Teach students how to tell the time using quarter to/past/ Half past etc.

Unit   3 – Months & birthdays – When is your birthday?

Aim: Teach students months of the year and how to tell dates using months and ordinal numbers.

Unit   4 – Jobs – What people do.

Aim: To teach kids how to describe jobs using action verbs.

Unit  5  – Actions – What are you doing?

Aim: Students will learn how to describe actions in progress using the present progressive.

Unit   6 – Transport – How do you come to school?

Aim: Teach students different means of transport and talk about going around.

Unit   7 – Clothes – What are you wearing today?

Aim: To learn to describe what someone is wearing.

Unit   8 –  Where is it? – At home

Aim: Teach kids prepositions of place, alongside rooms and things at home.

Unit  9a – Vegetables – How much are the carrots?

Aim: Teach kids vegetable vocabulary and how to go shopping for veggies.

Unit  9b – Vegetables – Extra Vegetable Vocabulary lesson - Cauliflower, broccoli etc.

Aim: Teach students extra vegetable vocabulary.

Unit  10 –  Weather  and clothes  - Put on your sunglasses.

Aim: Teach kids how to talk about clothes relative to the weather.

Unit 11 -  Zoo – What does a panda look like?

Aim: To teach students how to describe zoo animals by what they eat and look like.

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